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This Blog was created on 7th Sep 2011. Please read the vision statement (above). I am limited to the number of words I can use, so it is a brief summary. Over the comings days I will add articles which correspond to the Mission statement and many other features. For those left Behind (after the Rapture) more info. on the left hand side bar and a link below to an article

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

How To Be Saved After The Rapture. It Is Not Too Late

The purpose of this article is to help those who are left behind after the rapture (ie, after born-again Christians have been instantly snatched up into heaven) to know how they can still be saved and to show them what to do.

The Bible (in particular the Book of Revelation) explains that a time is coming when God will bring an end to the sinful, rebellious, God forsaken activities on planet Earth. Just like in the days of Noah when he first rescued the true people of God first before He unleashed His judgements and also in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah when He first rescued the truly Godly out of the City first before He destroyed that City. Again He will rescue the truly Godly (those who have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation from sin) from this Earth before He sends His final judgements on planet Earth.

In a number of places in the Bible it talks about a coming "GREAT TRIBULATION" which will last 7 years. The first half of that period will be a time when satan will possess a human being known as the antichrist. These first 3.5 years he will seem like a messiah figure and will be worshipped by multitudes. However, during the first half of these 7 years he will become a global tyrant enforcing his evil will on every one, forcing them to take a mark known as 666 upon their forehead or hands. In fact no-one will be allowed to buy or sell (includes food and drink) without this mark. During the second half of those 7 years, things on Earth will become so evil that God will step in and judge the Nations with such terrible plagues and disasters beyond what the Earth has ever experienced before. All those who take the mark of the beast will be damned for eternity. To take the mark will mean that individuals WILLINGLY (they will know what they are doing) give their souls to satan. Once they have done this, they will not be able to repent afterwards. They will have sold their souls forever, no longer will they have free will, they will be controlled by the antichrist without any conscience or goodness left in them.

Those who were raptured will have been saved from all this. The 7 years which start after the rapture will culminate in the most terrible times ever experienced by humanity on Earth. It is better that you do not go through this and that you give your hearts to Jesus NOW. Let Jesus take care of your souls by believing in Him and trusting upon Him NOW, so that you will be included in the rapture and not be left behind.

However, if you are reading this AFTER the rapture takes place, then you will have to go through a nightmare experience on Earth. BUT,even if you have been left behind it is not too late for you to be saved from your sins, to prepare your souls for Heaven and to become a child of God with the empowering of the Holy Spirit. You can still put your trust in Jesus, (even after the rapture) but you WILL have to go through the greatest trial that Christians have ever had to go through. God will not leave you powerless though and will enable you to face these terrible times. All you need is to be determined in your faith to NEVER deny Jesus and be prepared to face death for your faith.

There will be many like you who will be killed (probably by beheadings) for their faith during these times. You will have a crown of glory awaiting you in Heaven and will obtain eternal glory in Heaven and enjoy the GLORIOUS and amazing presence of Jesus forever. In the light of eternity, the terrible persecution will be like a pin prick in comparison to the wonder and glory of Heaven.

If you have been left behind, I encourage you to read through the whole Book of Revelation which (in those days) will read like a newspaper. In fact it is the newspaper headline stories told in advance. By reading the Book Of Revelation you will find great encouragement to know that God IS IN CONTROL. Whatever happens hold true to Jesus and NEVER consider taking that 666 mark which will be an allegiance with satan.

As I write this, in September 2011, we are already seeing vast numbers of Bible prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes. These prove that we are in the very last of the last days before the rapture, the Great Tribulation and the Judgements take place.  In fact these fulfillments are for our purpose to prove that the Bible IS the WORD OF GOD to us all.  We are living in days when the godless are trying to do everything they can to disprove the existence of God. We are now living in days, like in Noah's time, when God WILL intervene and reveal His power upon Earth. You will not want to be around when He does that. It is better that you repent now.

As Peter said "it is not God's Will that any should perish but that all should come to repentance".  Paul and Peter both implied that God's "absence" or "hiddenness" is an expression of His mercy, patience and graciousness holding back His wrath because He does not want us to perish. However, a time HAS been reserved, by God, in which "enough is enough" and HE WILL ACT!  Therefore, repent and believe NOW before that time comes or repent as soon as possible after the rapture. However, always be aware that no-one knows the time of their death. It could be virtually simultaneous at the time of the rapture. You MAY NOT have a second chance. To illustrate this further, here is a link to an excellent presentation of all this:

Please click here Second Chance For Salvation?

Please read this link because it spells it out much more descriptively the reasons why it is not a good idea to wait and see, but decide for Christ NOW, before it is too late

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